23rd October - 21st November

‘Abundantly Clear’


The first retrograde Mercury motion this year in Aries in April falls in your house of vocation or everyday schedule. It tends to create a whirlwind of activity which changes the flow or the tempo of work. But it brings in the freshest of scenes to enhance the outlook of what is already being achieved. It awaits May for the real push and forward motion, and if you don’t feel motivated then, you perhaps never will in your current paradigm of service. Before that Mars, Mercury and Venus join forces in Aquarius in February at various times and beg the question of how much concentration or effort goes into future endeavors, with the faith that you are moving into those from a sound point, without losing the focus required on what is commanding attention right now. This is a period of speculation based on sound research or provenance for many Scorpios. And for others it is a time of freedom from old forms of duty - and that may be scary but will provide firmer building blocks in March as your ruler Pluto again touches down in Aquarius, lending a formidable presence which casts a long shadow forward. Mars in Pisces in the last week of March, making a superb trine to Pluto, allows a flight into the unknown with no paper trail, should you wish to return or abort the journey. Don’t be tempted between the high summer and autumn to keep on re-inventing the wheel. If you know you are sure of what you are doing, then you know too that it is now to trust yourself in unchartered waters, at least for part of the time.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


Saturn in your solar house of enjoyment and creativity has been lurking since last March and not getting anywhere, and now finally, in its direct motion, begins to clear the fog. This may have diminished to a mist in recent months, but even that is thinning and as February elapses it lifts the heaviness around life’s joy factor (or lack of it). And perhaps reduces the other responsibilities that have impeded flexibility or opportunity to indulge in the things which make life pleasurable. Jupiter in your opposing sign of Taurus is on its last lap, out until June, and tends to pick up the slack left from early September. Especially as far as partnerships are concerned; whether these are close bonds, or the looser type which still form the integral part of everyday existence. The drive out to August is the clincher for a lot of agreements, when Juoiter passes Uranus in Taurus and provides a sling-shot into rapid acceleration requiring re-appraisal or a re-set of existing arrangements. And possibly brings more unique liaisons - which come very rarely in a lifetime. These must be understood as occurrences which have been called up by much past kindling of mind and desire, and not left too long before being sealed. The more erratic or unstable kind of partnerships tend not to be durable in this late summer period; they need to be shored up or given massive amounts of support from unknown sources (unknown for now) in order to be worthwhile in the long run.


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