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Our podcasts on the Electric Universe are short exposures to a new perspective on various areas of life within the the Electric Universe. It is a term coined by some cosmologists to more or less explain the nature of the vibrational world we live in. It's another way of saying that there is a charge or a connection in all things.


It would explain why certain phenomena works, why we do not exist in seclusion and why the world is changing and how we change with it as we become aware of our energy fields and how they connect us to an underlying structure, or radar, within the universe.

The Electric Universe might be another way of describing The Matrix or
the Hologram as a concept in time.

In the Electric Universe series we talk for a few minutes informally on each pod of how we see the vibrational universe enhancing and underpinning such topics as natural healing, time, personal motion, meditation and more..

Resonant Duality

Suffering & Distress

The Human Heart

Vortex Motion

The Human Heart

Yin-Yang Motion

Paradigms & Manifestation

Atmospheric Conditioning

Mythology & The Present Legacy

Ufology & Sentient Presence

The Subtle & The Material

Beyond Time in Meditation

Appreciation & Attitude

Motion of Intent

Esoteric Astrology

Time Part 1

Time Part 2

Luck & Fortune


Sound & Cymatics

Sacred Breath

The Law of Attraction

Thought & Mentality



Natural Healing

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