My Overview of the Signs for 2024

Astrology is the map of what we have to do and the way in which we may want to do it. It is both the written script and the script we are writing. We are co-creating our lives, and our lives are part of something greater.


If we are in disarray then it is no more than our means of growth and change taking shape. The world is currently in great disarray and it would be very surprising if this did not affect individuals. Even if we strive to be orderly, perfect and always in control we cannot help but sometimes be thrown off balance by the things going on around us. Were this not so it would signal something about disassociation or indifference. All we can do is use the means at our disposal to not be totally engulfed by outside interference at the expense of our serenity and our sacred inner knowing.


It was ever thus, since time began.


The everyday energies we use are the same energies that astrologers refer to in their work. Astrology is the science of energy and consciousness filling out the script and unfolding the material. Bold and obvious energy, subtle or hidden energy. Energy at different stages of a process manifesting through individuals, and through the living Earth. Astrology tells the rhythm of the Universe and the song of human unfoldment.


More Insights in the New Year,

Best Wishes and have a great 2024.

Astrological Outlooks

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