'Astrology with Sound in the Key of Your Life'


People have used astrology since ancient times to seek guidance on how best to deal with their challenges and progress positively. People have also used sound and mantra to purify and refine their personal energy and to bring clarity and focus to their chosen path, HOWEVER... did you know that the planetary aspects in your birth chart can be orchestrated! Your personality resonates to notes and sounds which synthesise within the universal whole.





Similarly, the vowels in your name can also be seen as a vibratory pattern. When the combined energy of name vowels and planetary influences are set to sound and rhythm the effects are quite transforming.


Many people think of their vibration as being a static thing, a vague sort of wavelength that may or may not exist, beyond a philosophical possibility – whereas in reality that is all we are, a symphony of vibrational patterns which can be translated into the notes on the scale used by musicians and musicologists.

Tonal Sound Baths

An harmonic formula for general & deeper relaxation, cleansing the aura & specific chakra cleanse & rebalance,
toning the physical & offering the potential to go into deep theta state & higher realms.


How it Works

'Note-Worthy' discovers these patterns at work in your personality via your interaction with life patterns recognisable in your astrological chart - then matches and aligns the patterns themselves to the vibrational pitch of positive alignment. This alignment resonates to who you are at best in terms of well-being, wholeness and fulfilment.


Every person has a unique role in each incarnation, but  the pressures and responsibilities of everyday living often distract from our life plan which then increases the chance of encounters with disharmony of all kinds ...  illness, relationship problems, stress, unhappiness, financial concerns and so on.


We are delighted to be able to offer this unique personal online service combining astrology and sound to help people enhance their well-being on all levels and to tune into harmony for greater clarity and vision.


To improve their quality of living.


This service is individually tailored to utilize the sacred qualities of the person's name along with the astrological detail derived from the birth chart and the aspects having the most influence upon them.  A customised sound mantra is composed of 15 to 20 minutes duration  in the sacred Solfeggio frequencies to which you may just meditate or listen. To regularly chant with the mantra is of course a choice. However, to do so is certain to provide a more powerful boost to inner strength and clarity and when those facets are heightened the manifestation of success and abundance in chosen areas is substantially heightened also.

The price for this service currently as an introductory offer is £95.


If you are interested in this service please fill out the form on the Ordering page or click here.


Once completed your mantra and astrological details will be delivered. The mantra will be sent to you via a link which may be accessed on your computer, tablet or phone and downloaded if desired to whatever device you choose.


Please be aware that times for delivery of the product may vary as this is a customised service requiring personal attention from specialists, but we will aim to get the product to you in 28 days. If you are satisfied with this you can order and pay, via the payment link, by credit or debit card. 'Note-Worthy' is copyrighted but the mantra is under your personal ownership and no-one else will have access to what is produced for you.

Please be aware we do not give refunds.In the case of faulty technicals on goods, repairs and amendments will be made on request.

You may choose the sound instrument you wish to hear in your personal mantra from the list provided. If you do not have a computer this does not matter as long a you have a phone or other online device for connecting with the internet.


Parts of your mantra are derived from the transiting planetary effects at work in your chart, therefore as these effects change you may wish to have the mantra updated at some point.  This can be undertaken for and details provided on request.

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