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These are questions which fit within many of the life compartments .... money, relationship, career, ambition and so on.  They really are the two things with which an astrologer is concerned when working with clients.  It is a misnomer to think we are concerned with futures at the expense of the blocks, challenges and problems of NOW.  The future is made from a series of NOWS and that requires the input of the client.  So one-to-one dialogue - astrologer to client - is the best way to achieve this.  Either by phone at a distance or in person. (although it is not the only way that astrological advice may be received. Some people for a first time reading prefer to have the information pre-recorded to listen to by themselves)  It is a very private and sacred thing to have your birth chart analysed, it is the x-ray of your soul and to listen to an astrologer speak of you in this way can be life changing.


To an astrologer with a metaphysical approach everything is revealed in the birth chart. Memory stored within the body and mind is revealed in the patterns and aspects of the birth chart  Lyn's methods and approach enable her to reveal the scripts which are alive and active in present lifetimes and influencing intention. When these insights are coupled with planetary trends impacting from the outer world there are huge shifts of energy at many levels.


Tracing and revealing the energetics and the patterns in a person's personality enables the clearance of blockages through the understanding of the fears, beliefs and habits at the more unconscious and cellular levels. Within Lyn's work this is achieved not only verbally but by other natural techniques.


Lyn Shea has worked for thirty years as a practising astrologer and in that time has honed her abilities over a wide spectrum of clients. Offering readings of great clarity, it is her personal work with clients which has gained her the world wide reputation as a Consultant and Awareness Coach. Combining the knowledge of planetary influences, the ability to help the client step outside of their usual framework and accept what has been and what is now, she is able to work with people on the re-directional stages necessary to forming new paradigms of life experience using strategy including breathing techniques, cellular points and strong word impressions. Not all things are possible to all people, that is a fallacy, but most things are possible in varying ways to all of us once we clear the energy streams.


The 'Life Scripting' work often requires several sessions. It is up to the individual how far they wish to take it and this area of work is not subject to stipulated sessions but left to the person's own discretion and choosing. Some people prefer to have ongoing sessions booked at definite periods, and others prefer to have a reading as and when they feel the need.  But In light of what is more generally accepted about energy and human endeavour, Lyn is now working with people in more depth and over longer periods of time, depending on what the person wishes to realize or achieve.


The fee scale is variable upon time and preparation. It is necessary to have prior connection regarding suitability and preferences within this before appointments can be made.  (see our in-site form at the bottom of this page).


General or singular Astrological Consultations are available in one-to-one sessions via phone, Skype or in person at a fee (currently) of £75 for a first time client.  These are detailed readings looking at obvious areas of concern or problems and general life, moving through dates and time points of interest.  Many people, following first time sessions, decide they want more in-depth work.  'Life Scripting' is an option which is available to anyone who feels they can progress through it and whom Lyn feels she can work with and help.


Business Advice on retainer for varying periods of time
are also available by request and negotiation.


All work is by commission.  No work can be undertaken unless prior contact has been made and the work agreed upon and payment received either by cheque or online payment.


We do not send out unsolicited astrological bulletins - we are not that kind of service!  We do not subscribe to 'pulp astrology' as often found on the internet and will not email anyone unless first applied to. We are a bespoke domain offering a professional service.


  • Chart General Reading First Time £85
  • Follow Up (1 hour)  £60
  • Synastry (Comparison Charts)  £130
  • Past Life/Karmic Analysis  £90


Please feel free to contact us.

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